Meet Doug Diny

A Visionary Leader With Real-Life Experience

I’m Doug Diny, a retired sales executive and former US Army Major, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from St. Norbert College.

During my time as a US Army Aviation Officer, I had the honor of leading an Assault Helicopter Company, overseeing 155 active-duty military and civilian employees, as well as managing equipment worth over $100 million.

Following my military service, I dedicated most of my professional career to the field of renewable energy. I specialized in hydroelectric power, pulp and paper, and ethanol. As a strategic alliance manager in the renewable fuels market, I played a pivotal role in securing major technology contracts in the USA and Canada.

My wife, Jean, and I raised our three children in Wausau’s East Hill historic district, and this summer brought us the joy of welcoming our first grandson and first granddaughter into the world. Our family has always cherished our life here and we deeply appreciate all that this city has to offer.

I’ve lived a fulfilling life, and I’m now in a position where I can give back to our community.

Doug’s Governing Philosophy

My great-grandfather served on the Green Bay City Council one hundred years ago. The basic mission of city government remains the same today as it was back then: Provide core services in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Except for the modern technologies used to carry out the city’s work, core municipal services –like police, fire, public works, and parks – have largely remained unchanged. This is, and always has been, the government’s proper role in a free society.

Free citizens can’t create, can’t innovate, can’t grow if the city doesn’t do its job first!

Mayor Rosenberg’s idealistic strategic plan, to ignore traditional services and replace them with unaffordable, intangible aspirations, has not served the city well. We now face crumbling, antiquated infrastructure, fleeing municipal employees, and a dire financial situation.

With me as mayor, we’ll reclaim a clear and limited mission for the city and provide residents with the best possible environment to grow and thrive.